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This THS-RDPC 40th Reunion Photo Album started out with the idea of posting the reunion picture of the Class of 67 on my personal web site to share over the internet with other members of the Class of 67 who didn't get an opportunity to attend the 40th THS-RDPC Reunion. 

It just GREW from there. Talk about community spirit ! ! !

We  now have shared photos from students who attended THS-RDPC from 1962-1973 and made it to the 40th Reunion in Thompson Thanksgiving weekend of 2002.

It has now become a true "Community Photo Album"  that reflects the real community spirit of "Thompsonites" which we can leave as a legacy of this truly "once in a lifetime" event.

Thanks to all who have contributed photos so far via email and sending me photos to scan in; Wolfgang Andreson, Colin Campbell, Brenda Sangster, Pat (Cormier) Brennan, Nancy (Marshall) Chiasson, Heather (Ketchen) Boyd, Judy (Burnett) Pearce, Rick Tyefisher, Saija Parthenais, Peter and Lovey Netrval, Sharan Alguire, Line Villeneuve, Maureen Crawford, Linda Biglow, Amcie and Nancy Kushnir, Reta Derkson, Debra Hyckie, Darrel Levesque, Jennifer MacDougall, Carolyn Allen, John Frank, Carlyle Pacholok, Tracy Bayne and Chris and Carola
Dovbniak, Rocco D'Amico, and Ricci Burton - (hope I have forgotten anyone).

It's been a real "labour of love" to create this shared "community photo album". 

Thanks also to all those who've sent a thank you note and to those who've also helped me put the correct names to the photos.

The photo pages in the album have been organized by contributor, their name is shown at the bottom of each page. The pages are numbered in the order that the photos were received. Hover your mouse pointer over each photo to view names in most photos. There is a link at the bottom of each page to return you to the main photo index navigation page.

If you would like to add photos to this album please send a note to me at the email address below.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this THS-RDPC 40th Reunion Shared Photo Album possible.

Fred Allen
THS Class of 67
October 21, 2002

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Last Updated December 06, 2002

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